The content about Sami and Bali Chy Healing


A. Samiratha (Sami)

Sami is the 5th generation of Bali Chy Healing Family. Sami’s uncle (Nang Cidra), grandfather (Kak Grigit), great grandfather (Nang Sweca) and grandfather’s great-grandfather (Kak Kulibul), they are all healer. Sami is the Balian Usadha (Balinese traditional doctor) known as a Shaman or or Ayurvedic Doctor, Coacher and Spiritual Practitioner. Sami’s back ground study related to doctorandus of theosophy and spirituality (6 Years study), Ayurveda Doctorandus (5 years study), Master Science of religion and culture comperation (3 years) His experienced since he was 13 years old start as a charismatic prayer (hand on healing), when 27 years old he was practicing Balinese physic therapeutic massage, in year 2000 he was start travelling around the world to study and healing mission in Australia, Hungary, Holland, Germany, Asia and Indonesia. He founded the Bali Chy Healing is in order to realize the goal, how to make man in this world should be happy on earth and in heaven on the right path (moksatham jagadhita ya ca iti dharma)


B. About Bali Chy Healing

Bali Chy Healing founded by Chyrillus Ketut Samiratha, SS,SSi,MSi. Know as Sami. The Bali Chy Healing Model is inspired by Balinese “Chy”. We call it taksu, power, energy, Chy (Sami) terminology adopted from Chi or Qi (China), Ki (Japan) ideology. Sami’s philosophy and spirituality is how to make the people (Bright/glowing) “CHY”, means “Cahaya” (light/radiance) as a part of the cosmic energy.

Bali Chy Healing are:

  • CHY is abbreviation of “Cahaya Hati Yogini” (Heart Light of Yogi). The cosmic energy of Bali that inspiring Sami to heal the people.
  • Bali Chy Healing is a holistic healing to the body (biological and bio electromagnetic), mind or mental (emotional and intellectual) and spiritual consciousness how to be HAPPY.