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Information how to book your treatment you can find here.


One treatment costs IDR 750.000


Sami has two different locations available for your treatment. Please let him know where you wish to have your treatment take place! Google maps you can find here.

  • Kuta: Bali Chy HealingJl Legian Gang Mangga No.5E


The treatment takes around 90 minutes. Depending on the problem it can take even longer.


The therapy is held in English. Sami speaks with a Balinese accent, however his English is very good and easy to understand.


The typical treatment of a Balian Usada starts with the devotion to the body. To de termine the origin of problems, Sami’s treatment is based on his intuitive, holistic and diagnostic massage.

During the massage he comes across points or areas which reveal information about the main problem that causes the mental or physical pain. Based on this information Sami decides how the problems can be treated.

The following is a summary of the typical process of a treatment:

Anamnesis In a preliminary talk the client expains all problems and how they were handled and treated in the past.
Massage The full body is treated incorporating:

– Reflexology treatment– Acupressure– Meridian cleaning/massage– Kinesiology


– Osteopathy

– Chiropractic

Energy release After the massage Sami cleanses the energy of the patient. This incorporates a mixture of:

– Pranatherapy– Reikitherapy– Chakra-balance therapy– Traditional Balinese techniques

Consultation After the physical treatment, Sami explains to his patient the problem and what it was caused by. Then he develops an individual solution concept which, on the one hand, involves further treatment by himself or other specialists and on the other hand contains, how people can heal themselves (for example yoga exercises, nutrition plan etc.). Additionally Sami gives future advices to his patients which can be beneficial for them in regards to attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and actions. In this way Sami is life guiding, teaching and motivating.

Depending on the problem, the further treatment could contain the following healing techniques.