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Dearest Brother and Sister
Being happy is the goal of Bali Chy Healing. However we will not able to realize being happy if we are not being 
Healthy, Awarelive fully in the Present momentPositive thinking and be Yourself.

  • Therefore, we want to introduce you related about Samiratha (Sami) and Bali Chy Healing. Sami is the founder of Bali Chy Healing. He founded the Bali Chy Healing to realize the human goal how to be happy in earth and in heaven on the right path (moksatham jagadhita ya ca iti dharma).
  • The question is how Sami and Bali Chy Healing realize the goal? Sami and Bali Chy Healing always starting from (a). Healthy Body, (b). Awareness of negative energy comes from, (c). Especially in the Present moment, (d). You should not to worry about the negative energy. You can use it as a reminder, so we can learn to be Positive and then (e) be conscious to yourself how to be happy. The weakness will wear off if you are happy. Because HAPPY is “H” represent of Healthy, “A” for Awareness,”P” for Present moment, another “P” for Positivity and “Y” for Yourself.
  • The golden ways how to be HAPPY can not be just visualized, thought and discussed. However, we must be aware of how to realize it, materializing into (A). Personal treatment or Retreat packages (B). Sami will explain it into a consultation of the concept theory how to be HAPPY. (C) The Techniques how it’s work.
  • Regarding the holistic healing Retreat, we do many treatments during 5 night / 6 days. Please check the itinerary for details information & what you can get from.
  • You should join Sami’s consulting service if you have physical issues such as: headache, neck rigidity, shoulder
  • blade, sciatic nerve, lower back pain, ITB, calf cramp, paralyze, stroke etc. Or maybe energetically you have no power, impotence, always feeling tired etc. Or maybe unconditionally you are psychological worry, anxiety, suppress anger, under pressure, guilt, loneliness, past life trauma, hurt burn, broken heart, broken home. Or maybe if you are intellectual disorder making you are so critical of others and yourself, too much and never stop thinking, lot of idea but unrealistic not grounded. Distressful to others, selfish, hysterical as a part of spiritual consciousness disorder. Trust and believe Sami, Love him and you will be happy. If you are not believe it, take a look the testimony of this website and trip advisor.
  • Since 1977 Sami has been using his extraordinary ability to heal people from around the world. As a Balinese Healer He was experienced and studied in Australia, Hungary, Holland, Germany, Asia and Indonesia. Please do not hesitate to contact us for detail information & reservation. Kindly noted to make confirmation to visit him at
    Bali Chy Healing 

    Don’t worries be happy.
    God always be with you.