Thomas, Germany

At the age of 22 I was forced to quit doing sports due to mutual groin-, hip- and back pain. Standing for longer time or sitting without a rest already caused pain after a few minutes. Moreover I sometimes did not have the power even for the simplest things of my daily life.  For this reason I went to several therapists in Germany including orthopedist, physiotherapists and natural health professionals. After more than 1,5 years of treatment however just a relief occurred. And I was still in the dark about the main reason for the pain. By the time I lost faith in becoming pain-free someday.

During my semester abroad in Bali 2009/2010 I met Sami for the first time.

His massage was really painful, but afterwards I felt completely refreshed. In the following consultation then he gave me a lot of advices along my way, which I just partially transformed at this time. Since the treatment something had changed and I knew he could help me. Unfortunately I just made use of his treatment once, so my pain became better, but was still present.

In october 2011 after finishing my studies in Germany I returned to Bali. And this time I called on  Sami’s therapy in regular terms. In a number of really painful massage sessions he dedicated himself to my physical problems. Furthermore he expained to me in detail, how my groin-, hip- and back pain is connected to my eyes, liver, kidneys and stomach and how it is caused by. For self-treatment Sami then gave me advices in regard to nutrition, settings and behaviours and I began to turn my life around them.

When I reached home after 3 months of travelling I felt extremely well, not just physically but also mentally refreshed and full of energy. In February 2012 I was able to continue doing sports without any pain for the first time since many years. The goal I followed for years was achieved. Thanks Sami for your help!