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Bob, Netherland

In 2010 I spent several months in Bali. When i visited a friend in hospital, I took a nasty gift from there: I have taken bacteria which left red blisters on my whole body and caused heavy itching. Read more

Thomas, Germany

At the age of 22 I was forced to quit doing sports due to mutual groin-, hip- and back pain. Standing for longer time or sitting without a rest already caused pain after a few minutes. Read more

Russell, Australia

A stroke overnight paralyzed the right side of the body from the face to foot. Due to my satisfaction with Sami’s work with another problem years before, I immediately went to Sami, still paralyzed on my right side. Read more

Sarah, Australia

Master Chy was recommended to me by a friend who was suffering severe neck pain. He said that he had never felt so lucky as the day he found him and received a treatment.Read more

Antje B, Germany

Due to a life changing situation, I decided to travel to Indonesia. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend of mine, I went into Sami’s treatment. By his treatment I learned why certain things had happened to me in life. Read more

Joanna, Australia

We first met Samiratha (Sami) in 2009 during a visit to Bali which was to help me rest and recover from a recent breast cancer operation and before I returned home for radiation treatment.  Read more

Meeting SRI Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy († 2007) was an Indian spiritual guru who had thousands of students in about 60 countries. Over the years Sri Chinmoy had ongoing friendships with. Read more