Russell, Australia

A stroke overnight paralyzed the right side of the body from the face to foot. Due to my satisfaction with Sami’s work with another problem years before, I immediately went to Sami, still paralyzed on my right side.
Sami used a team of four therapists and himself commencing with reflexi along with deep tissue and nerve massage on a multitude of sites on my body, followed by suction therapy on the acupuncture points. The first day’s treatment was for two hours, which is equivalent to about 100 person-hours. I was able to walk, be it carefully, back home over five kilometres.
Each visit from then on had other procedures and techniques employed, such as electric acupuncture, ordinary acupuncture and cup suction on the body’s median lines of energy equivalent to the acupuncture locations. The therapy continued apace daily, including manipulations, for about a week then reducing in frequency to every two then every third day for a total of less than twenty days.
My life has continued with virtually no obvious after affects [even the mouth dribbling when awake or sleeping ceased], other than the right leg was not able to retain its muscle thickness equivalent to its left counterpart. It was proof it was a stroke, as verified by brain scans in later years.
About fifteen years later, a progressive numbness and paralysis, which started in the feet and moved up the legs, incapacitated the ability to walk. A diagnosis was not ascertained by the Specialists. My feet began to itch but the Doctors did not follow through, but it progressed to redness then numbness of the toes, then onto the feet, ankles then slowly up the legs. Eventually, because the brain was not receiving information from the feet, the legs were not receiving instructions were to position themselves. Because the brain was in the dark, it automatically made my torso lean close to the ground to reduce the potential damage of a fall. I had not noticed this slow compensating factor, other than a sore back. I comprehended the seriousness of the affliction when my knuckles were touching the ground [literally]. Admission to hospital, for a week, to find a cause, resulted. In that time, numerous tests gave little clue to the ailment. The Specialists suspected multiple sclerosis, but it was not so. They knew it to be a nerve problem, but not the cause. On leaving the hospital I flew to Bali on the next day to commence treatment with Sami and his professional assistant.
On arrival in Bali I needed assistance to leave the plane, and was back to my knuckles touching ground, my feet entirely numb being also cold to touch. My legs continued to be desperate for instructions from my brain. Sami used a blunt instrument on my feet to try to touch a nerve. It was to no avail, so he changed to the toes on both feet without initial success. With more pressure that had my body sliding up the treatment table, eventually I felt a nerve lightly respond. Sami had his starting position. The reactive toe received reflexi massage treatment by his professional assistant, while he worked on other parts of the leg where he knew that nerve travailed. The result was more and more feeling returning. He returned to other toes, progressively finding small responses as the initial toe’s nerves acted like a catalyst to the others to respond, too. After three hours of them both working on me, I was able to walk out reasonably straight. Overnight, the restored feelings continued, but overall they were numb generally to walk on, unless one touched the toes with some pressure.
Day Two, another three hour regimen of intense muscle and nerve reflexi massage, but some colour was apparent in the toes and sides of the feet, while the legs were no longer without feelings, for I could feel the wind.
Day Three, and a friend commented I was walking upright, and I confirmed this in the knowledge that I was looking over the tops of the heads of other pedestrians. It was another three hour regimen of intense muscle and nerve reflexi massage by them both, excruciatingly painful, but a pain that is a good feeling, because you know the symptoms are being relieved.
Day Four, on this day, because Sami was so used to my feet feeling cold, he pulled his hands away at the shock of intense heat emanating from my feet. Both were so hot. Here was proof the blood circulation was returning. At this stage, Sami added other therapies, in particular the suction caps, to draw blood circulation and nerve response.
Day Five was a day of rest for everyone from my body, at least.
Day Six was another three-hour regime being repeated. The good news was whilst the feet remained reddish, they had become a healthy pink. The feet responded to touch, but it was like being touched through a shield, like paper. Sami was throwing every technique he knew at these blockages, and was winning.
Day Seven, and another reversal of stages of numbness became apparent. Numbness had receded to some feelings, then daily more sensitivity. Regression to heat and blood flow occurred followed by the skin returning to health. The body was close to full faculties. But this day, itchiness returned, itchiness being the first stage of the paralysis.
Day Eight, walking was good, and without erratic movements, because the brain was receiving sensual feedback to control balance and movement. By the end of this session, being seven intensive days, the itchiness had also receded, the feet remained pink and I could walk properly.

My conclusion:
Certainly, a person’s should seek medical advice from their Doctor, preferably in conjunction with Sami’s skills, and that is what I am doing. I hope the Specialist doctors will discover the cause and a remedy of those ailments that recur, but in the meantime, Sami is resolving many, and providing relief for the few recurring ones.
When my feet begin to tingle or itch, then I know it is time for follow-up deep muscle and nerve restoration, presently about every six months, which is the same as good dental maintenance.