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Sri Chinmoy († 2007) was an Indian spiritual guru who had thousands of students in about 60 countries. Over the years Sri Chinmoy had ongoing friendships with well-known personalities among others Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Desmond Tutu. In 2007, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In a program created in 1998 known as ‘Lifting up the world with a Oneness Heart’, Sri Chinmoy lifted people of inspiration and spirit while they stood on a platform overhead. He described his motivation: „I lift them up to show my appreciation for their achievements“. During his life he lifted more than 7000 people, including Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Muhammad Ali, Sting and Richard Gere.

In 2003 Sri Chimnoy was on a spiritual mission in Bali. He had heard about Sami and his special skills from a number of his students who had already experienced Sami’s treatment. Therefore Sami was invited to get lifted from Sri Chinmoy in Sanur. In this way he appreciated Sami’s special qualities and as well his spiritual power. When they met, Sami felt so small towards Sri Chinmoy.

A few days later, Sami got invited again. This time to give Sri Chinmoy a massage. During the treatment Sami was crying the whole time, even he was in a greatful and peaceful state.

The encounter with Sri Chinmoy was a new beginning for Sami. Until this day he was still worried about wheater he is heading in the right direction or not. Sri Chinmoy motivated him and helped him to grow spiritually. Since this time Sami strives to do the best in his life. Even they didn’t meet again, Sri Chinmoy became Sami’s spiritual guru and is still a big inspiration for him today.