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I have been receiving treatments and massages from Mr. Samiratha over the past 24 years. He is a remarkable healer, with very accurate intuition for problems a person may have. When he is doing a healing or massage on me I always feel he uses 100% of his energy and mental awareness to help me with whatever is troubling me. He lives his life on a very high spiritual plane, and is always thinking of others and how he can help them. He is the best massage therapist I know of, and a massage with Master Samiratha is a privilege and something not to be missed. I once went to see him with a very bad neck crick, and had very little movement, and after a 2 hour treatment I was amazingly pain free. This does not happen every time, but on this occasion it was like a miracle. I cannot speak highly enough of my friend Dr Chy, and his social integrity and his focus as a warrior for the sick, the poor, the under privileged or anyone who needs help he can give.
He is a very special and rare man on this earth.

God bless Mr. Samiratha.