Joanna, Australia

We first met Samiratha (Sami) in 2009 during a visit to Bali which was to help me rest and recover from a recent breast cancer operation and before I returned home for radiation treatment.

In a worried and weakened state, I decided to try the services of the resort’s resident masseur/healer, who happened to be Pak Sami.

As soon as Sami commenced his treatment I felt it was different and trusted him immediately. I also felt a sense of peace and faith unlike I had ever experienced before. We then moved to a villa and I asked if Sami would treat me again. My husband also decided to have a series of massages which he thought were of a very high standard.

I returned to Bali after the radiation treatment to recuperate and once again Sami visited me regularly and talked to me in his quiet and knowledgeable manner, building up my strength and health.

Next, John and I invited Sami to come and stay with us in our home in Perth and this was permitted by our authorities on the grounds of Samiratha assisting in my treatment after breast cancer.

By now he was considered a trusted friend by both of us and our family. Over the last five years I have seen Sami on a number of stays in Bali and remain convinced that he has special qualities and healing powers. He is also very honest and likeable.

My husband suffered a stroke four months ago and as soon as he is strong enough to travel, I hope he can be in the care of Samiratha as part of his extensive rehabilitation programme.