About Your Treatment

The Bali Chy Healing Center “Rumah Bapak Sami” is located at a quiet and magical place in Tibubeneng, Canggu. It is situated on a stream with a rice field on the reverse site. From Rumah Bapak Sami it takes around 10 minutes by motorbike/car to Echo Beach and its popular fish restaurants.

House and clinic
The compound is built in a mystical and natural style. Based on the Balinese feng shui concept of which it was built, it has a unique atmosphere and special energy. It’s a place designed for silence, peace and harmony. The mainhouse itself with its dining room, living room and kitchen area offers plenty of open space for the guests. The treatment takes place in the separate clinic building, which is also located at the compound.

Garden and atmosphere
The beautiful garden offers enough space for yoga, meditation, chilling and relaxing. Hundreds of different plants with all kinds of substances grow there. They are the basis for our biological treatments (healthy food, herb- and juice therapy) and can be specifically used to treat a range of disorders and chronic conditions, for diets, detoxification and purification techniques, or just to enhance wellbeing. A huge fountain on the pool with a big buddha statue on it, the flowers and big trees create a nice atmosphere. Furthermore the two-floor pavillon is a safe haven for meditation, relaxing or just a little nap.