CHY Foundation

Sami is the founding father of the CHY Foundation called Cahaya Hati Yogini Foundation. In March 2011, the foundation got it’s permission by the ministry of human rights, Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta.

The foundation’s vision is to educate people in Sami’s “Panca Mayakosha” healing concept and spread his knowledge worldwide.
In this way, people can be helped wide-spread with their manifold problems. The mission is to make them “HAPPY” (Health, Awareness, Presence, Positivity, Yourself) and bring about a posive change not just in their lifes, but also as a catalyst into the society. The motto is: „Change the world, starting from ourselves.“

The foundation’s goal is to build up a holistic healing academy. There, people with problems of every dimension – socially, financially, personally – can get an education in Sami’s “Panca Mayakosha” healing concept. Depending on their skills, they should afterwards get the chance to work for Bali Chy Healing, get a credit to start their own business or get the chance to work overseas in healing centres, hotels or spas.

The education program is for:
– Poor, homeless, unemployed, uneducated, discriminated juveniles.
– Victims of natural and humanitarian disasters.

The education program incorporates:
– Education as a healer, based on massage education and skill training.
– Education in the founding father’s “Panca Mayakosa” healing concept. (Healing Concept of Body, Mind and Spirit).
– Education about awareness and how to change the world starting from self-confidence.
– Education in traditional medicinal plants. (Ayurvda)
– Education in yoga, meditation and the art of dancing. (culture)
– Biological education.

– Most of the foundation’s money is earned by Sami’s own healing business – Bali Chy Healing. The profits from the business are saved to develop the academy.
– The government also spends money for the foundation in regular terms.
– Former clients of Sami who know about his foundation and his plans are donating money.
– There are also a few companies who are cooperating with the foundation.

If you are interested in more information, please contact us.

BCA Bank account no.6130186007, KCP Raya Kuta – CCR, (RKC), SWFT Code: CENAIDYA, Jln.Raya Kuta. No. 55XX, Kuta – Badung – Bali – Indonesia.