Bob, Netherlands

In 2010 I spent several months in Bali. When i visited a friend in hospital, I took a nasty gift from there: I have taken bacteria which left red blisters on my whole body and caused heavy itching.
The dermatologist, I went subsequently diagnosed an allergy and gave me medication. But when there was no improvement, I went to hospital. However they detected an allergy too and tried to correct it with medication. Without success.
Meanwhile I alredy had up to 600 red blisters on my whole body and especially my arms and legs were completely affected by it. At this time I wasn’t able to walk anymore and had to stay in bed all the time because my strength had completely left. A friend of mine finally brought me to a hospital  (because I didn’t think I will make it) where they found out that I have MRSA (Methicillin-resistent Staphylococcus aureus) and treated me with antibiotics and multiple injections.
After 4 days they discharged me from hospital and after a few more days my disease seemed to be overcome. But only a few weeks later the problems came back. So I went to another doctor who gave me injections and medication too. Nevertheless there was no improvent.
Over the following eight weeks I was cuffed to the bed due to lack of power. I also had lost all my fingernails and accordingly my hope to find help one day. It was an horrible feeling to be exposed to a disease no one can help you with.
Then I stumbled on Sami and went into treatment with him. With his full body reflexology treatment he brought back my weakened immune system. After the first session he further gave me the advice to strengthen my immune system by remaining in motion even if I have no power. In addition I stopped taking all the medication in order to regenerate my damaged liver and kidney. In between the 3 weeks of intensive treatment I got massaged every 2-3 days and treated with herbals and bloodsuckers. So my condition improved continuously. And finally after a few more sessions my suffering was over. Today I have no more problems with my skin and I can enjoy my life here in Bali to the fullest.
I thank Sami from the heart, that he brought back hope in such difficult times and helped me to get completely well.