To be happy is a challenge for many people. Often it is not possible to live in harmony with our own needs. The reasons for this are manifold:

Firstly, physical issues such as illness, injury or pain can make life a burden. On the other hand, negative experiences in the past, loneliness, stress, anxiety or self doubt may be the reason for restrictions. In spite of medical aid there is often no improvement and we have to accept to live with our disharmonies.

On this website we therefore want to offer the therapy of the traditional balinese healer and medical doctor named Chyrillus Ketut Samiratha short Sami.

Since 1977 Sami has used his extraordinary ability to heal people from around the world. Like the balinese healer Ketut Liyer, who became famous through the success of the movie and book “Eat, Pray, Love”, he is able to give advice to his clients that gives insight into the future.

Moreover he draws on his “Panca Mayakosha” holistic healing concept which he developed over many years and in which he combines the doctrines of the far eastern and western medicine with the traditional balinese arts of healing. With his holistic treatment he is able to help people move away from the emotional, mental and physical pain and towards a happy and fulfilled life.

Don’t worry, be HAPPY (Healthy, Aware, Present, Positive, Yourself).